Made by Yo!

Yes, is possible!

Fatto Da YO! is a unique creative lab which offers the possibility to customize any support on sale, from T Shirt to ceramic mugs, shopping bags and Skates.

The project, launched in 2005, stands out for dynamism, creative vocation and innovation, as certified by the award Impresa CREATIVA e INNOVATIVA conferred by Camera di Commercio e Provincia di Milano in 2006.

Our guest fully satisfies his taste thanks to our all-around assistance: we offer an infinite number of colors, supports and effects. The range is limitless, as fantasy itself. The end-product is developed and printed in real time via service innovations and advanced technological features, CE certified.

Street Craft

Fatto Da YO! is addressed to companies, too. They can work with our Style Office (catering to the most demanding costumers) to create ad hoc projects, starting from the creative idea.

In particular, Fatto da YO! works Business2Business with artists, creative talents, graphic designers, brands and startup. Creating a prototype with a minimum investment, designers can launch an item and then produce it on demand.

In this way, users can create their own business and promote their own brand on the net. Starting from the sample, offering Made in Italy high quality standards and without a huge and prohibitive initial production, burdensome for the pockets and for the environment, too.

Less is More

Fatto Da Yo !goes beyond the obsolete limits of the earlier production system governing merchandising and fashion, by reconsidering small realities and individual taste.

Back to square one in Milan, the City of Fashion, we launch sustainable printing and handcraft. Our Lab is powered by and zero impact renewable energy, and promotes its sustainability by reducing waste and reusing the latter for smaller supports (pins and hats). Any further residues are disposed carefully according to the differentiated collection of waste (mainly paper and plastic). We firmly believe that a company must be environmentally sustainable as well as economically sustainable to be considered a good one.

I Have a Dream Team

Since 2005 we work with proficiency, speed and dynamism to assist you in bringing your ideas to life on clothing and gadgets. An since then, our Crew work to keep prices that suit any budget.

We believe in offering a shopping experience one-of-a-kind, as are the made live T-Shirts and gadgets: the costumer is catapulted in a world where reality keeps up with fantasy.