Toilet Paper Sk8

This 12 skates collection is a design project exhibited at the MOMA in New York realized in our lab on Canadian wooden boards, limited edition.

Toiletpaper Clothes

Do you ever wonder who's behind the most surreal t shirt on the web?
Besides Pierpaolo Ferrari e Maurizio Cattelan creative genius there's a team of creative people and the hands of knowledgeable craftsman from our staff, who prepare every week the unique T-shirts you receive at home.


They asked us to create a texture on a fine fabric for Pitti Immagine and we cannot draw back!
All over print SUPER? DONE!

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Asian Fake X Eastpak

Collaboration Asian Fake X Eastpak designed by Marco Locati.
Limited edition of 30 pieces printed by Yo!

Few pieces still available.

Eastpak X Antonia

Una linea di 60 pezzi unici.

La realizzazione delle stampe e il filmato sono state prodotte nel nostro laboratorio di Cologno Monzese:
uno spazio di lavoro dedicato ai clienti più esigenti.

Ecco il video del making of