• Your design uploads should not infringe third-party rights or statutory regulations. This includes trademarks, copyrights and personality rights. The same applies to designs, logos and texts of radical, defamatory or constitutionally dubious nature.
  • To use a design (photo, logo, text, etc.) you need to hold the rights to the design – provided that such rights exist in the first place. Before you use a design for your T-shirt, check its legal status or ask the rights holder to grant you restricted legal right of use.
  • Both partners and customers should be aware that the illegal use of copyrighted material can lead to high penalties. This also applies to designs and texts which defame or are questionable under constitutional law. In the case of a violation, Fatto Da Yo! will refer the violating party to the copyright holder, or, as the case may be, make them responsible to the rights holder for any damages.
  • Our Lab promotes creativity and customization as an element of distinction, so we prefer to support orginal project rather than product piracy.
  • We are at your disposal for any clarification. Write to:info@fattodayo.com